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Gavin Wood

Dr. Gavin Wood, MEng, PhD. Born in Lancaster (UK), Gavin has been programming computers since he can remember. He graduated from the University of York twice, gaining a Masters degree and Doctorate in Computer Science and leaving the ‘Moodbar’, a popular visualisation on the Linux platform, in his wake. He spent some time working in the UK games industry where he designed and implemented a next-generation realtime self-optimising audio engine based on the declarative language paradigm.

He has worked on various projects since, including implementing a C++-based video analysis DSL, tools to analyse english-law contracts, the first semantically-rich lighting control deck, and the first C++ language workbench. These days he busies himself as the co-founder and effective CTO of the Ethereum project, coordinating and guiding the development process and helping flesh out the final protocol.

For fun, he creates voting frameworks, makes analytic music visualisations, designs strategy board games, blogs about social dynamics and teaches schoolchildren the wonders of fractals.

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