Be Part of the World Bitcoin Forum 2014 - 1. and 2. September 2014 - Bonn, Germany close

Josh Zerlan

As Butterfly Lab’s VP of Product Development and Chief of Operations, Mr. Zerlan is responsible for operations within Butterfly Labs Innovation team, as well as long term product evolution and development. He has an excellent track record of identifying industry trends, capitalizing on upcoming product and service vacuums that will present vital opportunities for fast, nimble start ups to fill. Mr. Zerlan designed, built and deployed one of the most recognized Bitcoin mining pools and has also operated a successful ISP for over a decade. He has held roles as diverse as IT, banking system administration, network & system architect, database administration, hardware development and medical robotics and image guidance. Mr. Zerlan is a U.S. Army Veteran, having served during Desert Shield and Desert Storm as a Korean linguist in the 1990′s and holds degrees in Computer Information Systems, Computer Science and Liberal Arts. He has given a number of talks at different bitcoin conferences around the world including Las Vegas, Germany, India, Argentina, and the U.S.

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