In 2012 Jochen Siegert has joined Bigpoint, a leading publisher of Onlinegames. As Managing Director he leads the global monetization entity of Bigpoint in Luxembourg and in his role as Director of Payment Systems he is overseeing the in-house payment service provider that is connected to 200+ payment methods serving 330+ million customers in 150 countries. Jochen looks back on an experience of 14 years in the payment sector. Before joining Bigpoint, he worked for almost 5 years at PayPal Europe in various positions. His last role was Director of EMEA Strategy and Corporate Development. Prior to PayPal, Jochen was active for two years as Vice President of Product and Partner Management for the largest issuer of MasterCard credit cards in Germany and held various positions in the eCommerce and business development sectors over the course of six years for MasterCard Europe and EUROCARD Germany.
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